Did you encounter problems?

Ensure that you have write privileges in the directories specified for the installation.

Ensure that there is enough free disk space on the hard drive to meet the system requirements listed in this guide.

Refer to the Norton AntiVirus™ section below if you receive a message indicating a malicious script being detected.

Norton AntiVirus™

If you are using Norton AntiVirus and running the Caseware Audit International template, you may receive a warning from Norton of a malicious script being detected. This warning tells users that a running program is creating documents on their system. Since this is how Caseware Audit International generates many of its files, Norton AntiVirus identifies Caseware Audit International as a potential problem. The first time that the message appears, the user should select the Authorize this Script option to tell Norton that Caseware Audit International is a trusted application. This prevents any future alerts when using the program. Note that FileSystemObject activities continue to be monitored, so any worms using this object will still be detected.


The Caseware Audit template comes equipped with a complete Help system. Help can be accessed by using the Help Button icon from the toolbar or by using the Help button in dialogs.

Caseware QuickVids

Caseware® QuickVids™ for Caseware Audit provide quick tutorials of the key functionality in Audit. Streamed in video format, the QuickVids will help you take advantage of the many powerful features in Audit.

To view the QuickVids, see Audit Videos.

Remember to check back regularly as QuickVids are added to the Caseware website.