What's new - Audit 25.00

The following describes the features and fixes included in Audit 25.00.

For more information on content updates made to Audit International 25.00, see Audit International 25.00 Content Updates.


Financial Statement Area (FSA)

  • The FSA can now be populated based on the current year budget, the prior year budget, or custom balances by selecting the applicable option from the Planning drop-down in the FSA worksheet.
  • Enabling the Financial Statement Area option in General Control Options no longer hides the Assertions drop-down in the Control Matrix.

General Options

  • Added an option to AO - General options to retain completion responses during a year-end close and roll forward.
  • Added 20 additional profile fields to AO - General options, for a total of 40 profiles. To customize how many profile fields are visible, select the applicable option from the Number of profiles drop-down.


  • A warning message now displays when attempting to switch a common procedure to regular procedure, stating that the action will result in the deletion of the common procedure from all other documents where it exists.
  • Procedure IDs now display in the Procedure Availability dialog to make it easier to differentiate procedures during the authoring process.


  • The severity coloring options in the Risk Report now support custom scoring. The colors will display for up to 8-levels of severity. The most severe risks display in bright red, the 2nd and 3rd levels display in scarlet, the 4th and 5th levels display in magenta, the 6th and 7th levels display in violet, and the least severe risks display in gray.


Audit Optimiser Confirmation Report

  • Fixed an issue where some documents that were deleted by the AOCR could not be restored through the AOCR.
  • Fixed an issue where documents deleted by the AOCR based on a response, could not be restored by changing the response.

Financial Statement Area (FSA)

  • Fixed an issue where items that were added to an Audit Area in the FSA would not be retained upon reopening the FSA.
  • Fixed an issue where additional FSA columns with Input or Yes/No response types would not display the selected response in related work programs.


  • Fixed various document and update related script errors.
  • Fixed an issue where the Inherent Risk Assessment column heading would not display in some profiles.
  • Fixed an issue where content in the Supporting Working Paper column of the Control Matrix would not populate in the same column of the Mini-Control Matrix.
  • Fixed an issue where signing-off a completed document would occasionally still prompt the "Sign-off incomplete document?" message.
  • Fixed an issue where applying custom general risk options to the default profile, then loading another profile, would result in an error in AO - General options under the FSA section.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘x' button to cancel an in-progress groupings update would not function correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Document Guidance for some work programs and checklists would appear duplicated after a template update.


  • Fixed an issue where the Optimiser would not populate the Result column of procedures that it deleted from a document.


  • Fixed an issue where groupings/sub-groupings that were added in the New Procedure dialog would not be retained upon reopening the dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where common procedures that were deleted from the Audit Response column of the Risk report would be restored upon reopening the report.
  • Fixed an issue where new procedures that were inserted into a document after procedure sign-off would display in the incorrect grouping/sub-grouping in the Document Map.
  • Fixed an issue where conditions deleted from a common procedure would not be deleted from the same common procedure in other documents.
  • Fixed an issue where changes to conditions in a common procedure would not be automatically applied to the same common procedure in other documents.
  • Fixed an issue where procedure responses would not be retained if the sign-off setting was changed from document sign-off to direct sign-off.
  • Fixed an issue where common procedures marked as Unavailable would continue to display in the Content Library after an update.

Risks, Controls and Reportable Items

  • Fixed an issue where some Risk reports would revert to a default view rather than using the assigned view.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to assign multiple controls to a risk simultaneously in the Controls dialog would result in only one of the controls being assigned.
  • Fixed an issue where added Significant Risk Indicators would not display in the drop-down in the Risk Register.
  • Fixed an issue where the Year Identified field of reportable items would default to the prior year if the field was disabled in AO - General options.
  • Fixed an issue where common procedure linkages would not be retained upon importing a risk, control or reportable item.
  • Fixed an issue where the RMM assessment would not populate automatically when using the Other option for inherent risk.