CLP (linkage) codes

Using CLP codes in calculations or formulas, you can create a dynamic link in Word and Excel to various fields from Working Papers dialogs. Rather than entering Working Papers data manually in Word or Excel, a linked field populates the data from Working Papers into your document or spreadsheet. As long as the link remains, the data will automatically update year after year.

You can link to fields in the following dialogs using CLP codes:

Engagement Properties dialog

Name/Address tab

Field CLP Code
Client CLP256
Engagement CLP259
Operating Name CLP2
Address CLP3
Address 2 (blank) CLP4
Address 3 (blank) CLP441
City CLP5
Prov/State CLP6
Postal/Zip Code CLP7
Country CLP149
Phone # CLP106
Fax # CLP107
Home Page CLP16
S.I.C. CLP23
A.I.C. CLP24
Tax Jurisdiction CLP28
Tax Entity CLP97
Engagement Type CLP125
Client # CLP145
E.I.N./B.N. CLP253
Tax Vendor CLP96

Contact 1 tab

Field CLP Code
Title CLP15
First Name CLP20
Middle Name CLP416
Last Name CLP21
Initials CLP443
Designation CLP25
Position CLP29
Bus Phone # CLP18
Bus Fax # CLP19
Mobile Phone # CLP271
Home Phone # CLP272
Email Address CLP14

Contact 2 tab

Field CLP Code
Title CLP98
First Name CLP99
Middle Name CLP417
Last Name CLP100
Initials CLP444
Designation CLP101
Position CLP102
Bus Phone # CLP103
Bus Fax # CLP104
Mobile Phone # CLP273
Home Phone # CLP274
Email Address CLP105

Reporting Dates tab

Field CLP Code
Year End Date CLP13
Year Begin Date CLP62
13 Periods CLP151
Monthly CLP152
Bi-Monthly CLP153
Compute bi-monthly balances from CLP163
Quarterly CLP154
Compute quarterly balances from CLP164
Thirdly CLP155
Compute thirdly balances from CLP165
Semi-Annual CLP156
Compute semi-annual balances from CLP166
Yearly CLP157
Compute yearly balances from CLP167
Random CLP158
Current Period Date Sequence CLP17
Current Active Period CLP22

Random Period Dates dialog

Field CLP Code
Preset Dates N/A
Year End Date CLP13
Random Period 1 - Beginning CLP172
Random Period 1 - Ending CLP173
Random Period 2 - Beginning CLP174
Random Period 2 - Ending CLP175
Random Period 3 - Beginning CLP176
Random Period 3 - Ending CLP177
Random Period 4 - Beginning CLP178
Random Period 4 - Ending CLP179
Random Period 5 - Beginning CLP180
Random Period 5 - Ending CLP181
Random Period 6 - Beginning CLP182
Random Period 6 - Ending CLP183
Random Period 7 - Beginning CLP184
Random Period 7 - Ending CLP185
Random Period 8 - Beginning CLP186
Random Period 8 - Ending CLP187
Random Period 9 - Beginning CLP188
Random Period 9 - Ending CLP189
Random Period 10 - Beginning CLP190
Random Period 10 - Ending CLP191
Random Period 11 - Beginning CLP192
Random Period 11 - Ending CLP193
Random Period 12 - Beginning CLP194
Random Period 12 - Ending CLP195
Random Period 13 - Beginning CLP196
Random Period 13 - Ending CLP197

Period Balances tab

Field CLP Code
Allow entry of period balances in Working Trial Balance (Other Entries will be disabled) CLP198=blank
Allow transaction entry in Other Entries screen (Period Balances will be calculated) CLP198=X
Period Date Sequence for Other Entries Screen CLP199
Current Active Period for Other Entries Screen CLP200
Display and enter period balances as year-to-date balances CLP230

Prior Year tab

Field CLP Code
Prior 1 Year Begin Date CLP290
Prior 1 Year End Date CLP291
Prior 2 Year Begin Date CLP292
Prior 2 Year End Date CLP293
Prior 3 Year Begin Date CLP294
Prior 3 Year End Date CLP295
Prior 4 Year Begin Date CLP296
Prior 4 Year End Date CLP297

Lock Down dialog

Lock Down tab

Field CLP Code
Lockdown status (Locked Down (L), or Pending (P)) CLP275
Publish/Report Release Date CLP277
Lockdown Date CLP288
Jurisdiction (US, Canada) CLP279
Class (Public, Private) CLP280

Options dialog

Roles tab

Field CLP Code
Number of Roles CLP124
Role 1 CLP120
Role 2 CLP121
Role 3 CLP122
Role 4 CLP123
Role 5 CLP261
Role 6 CLP262
Role 7 CLP263
Role 8 CLP264

Note: Color settings are stored in the registry and do not have CLP codes.

Groupings tab

Field CLP Code (Name) CLP Code (Mask)
Grouping 1 CLP116 CLP111
Grouping 2 CLP117 CLP112
Grouping 3 CLP118 CLP113
Grouping 4 CLP119 CLP114
Grouping 5 CLP238 CLP232
Grouping 6 CLP239 CLP233
Grouping 7 CLP240 CLP234
Grouping 8 CLP241 CLP235
Grouping 9 CLP242 CLP236
Grouping 10 CLP243 CLP237

Mappings tab

Field CLP Code
Mapping Name CLP115
Mapping Mask CLP110
Autofill all account properties CLP91=1
Only autofill properties if blank CLP91=0

Note: The Show Account Balances in Assign Mapping Number Dialog field is recorded in the registry and does not have a CLP code.

Documents tab

Field CLP Code
Financial statements formatted under Trial Balance/mapping report tab CLP11
General ledger CLP30
Trial balance/leadsheets/analytical review/tax reconciliation CLP31
Role heading regardless of sign off CLP108
Whole Numbers CLP150
Page numbers on financial statements formatted under report tab CLP32
System date and time CLP56
Position of Initials: CLP89
Footer for financial statements - Line 1 CLP50
Footer for financial statements - Line 2 CLP51
Footer for automatic documents - Line 1 CLP126
Footer for automatic documents - Line 2 CLP127