Add document commentary

Some automatic documents include a Commentary pane where you can add commentary text to describe work in the document, or other applicable information.

You can add commentary to the following automatic documents:

  • Account analysis
  • Analytical review
  • Document Manager
  • Financial statements- balance sheet
  • Financial statements- income statement
  • General ledger
  • History
  • Issues
  • Journals
  • Leadsheet / grouping
  • Trial balance
  • Uncorrected misstatements

To add commentary to an automatic document:

  1. In the Document Manager, open the document where you want to add commentary.
  2. An empty pane displays at the bottom of the document. Click on the pane and enter your commentary text.

    The Commentary pane displayed in the Working Papers interface containing some sample commentary text

Commentary is added to the automatic document.


  • Commentary text is included at the bottom of the document when printed.
  • Multiple users cannot add commentary simultaneously. The user who completes their commentary last will overwrite all other changes.
  • To improve performance, or if you are encountering issues with content in the Commentary pane, select Do not refresh open documents when changes are made by other users under Tools | Options | Advanced. Commentary changes will only display after the document is reopened.