Enter balances

Depending on your client's data, you can enter different types of balances into the Working Papers file, including opening, current year, forecast, budget and prior year balances. Balances entered should correspond to the period date sequence set in the Engagement Properties.

To enter balances in a Working Papers file:

  1. On the ribbon, click Account | Trial Balance.
  2. On the Account tab, click the applicable balance column (Opening, Prior, Forecast, and Budget) and enter the amount. To enter balances for specific periods, double-click the balance to drill-down, then enter the amount for the applicable period.

The applicable balance columns are updated. Press the down arrow on your keyboard to move to the next line in the same column, or press Enter to move to the next column to the right.


  • If the client has been set up with a monthly period date sequence and monthly priors are required, then the Period 1 to Period 12 columns should be completed. Use the dates across the top of the columns as a guideline. If the majority of the column headings display "NA", you are working in a yearly file and do not require monthly comparatives.
  • When entering period amounts, enter the difference between each month, not the ending balance for each month.
  • Debits are entered as positive amounts and credits are entered as negative amounts. You must apply a minus (-) to the amount to designate a credit.