Split-up accounts

You can split up accounts in the Trial Balance to better control account data throughout the engagement.

To split up accounts:

  1. On the ribbon, click Account | Trial Balance.
  2. In the Account worksheet, click ... next to the account number you want to split. The Split-up Accounts dialog displays.
  3. Select the period date sequence for the split-up account from the drop-down menu (split-up accounts can have their own period balances).
  4. In the Account No. column, enter an account number for the split-up account. For example, if you're splitting account 403, you could use 403.1 as the split-up account number.
  5. In the Name column, enter a name for the split-up account. If required, click ... to enter an extended description.
  6. Complete the remaining columns as required.
  7. Ensure that the combined balances of the split-up accounts matches the original balance of the account. Click Close.

The account is split up and the ... next to the account number now displays as +.

If the split-up account(s) become unbalanced, or if any changes have been made to the file that effect the account, a warning icon displays (A warning icon represented as a yellow triangle with an exclamation point inside). To clear the warning, review the balances and make any changes if necessary.

  • You can remove a split-up account by selecting the account in the Split-up Accounts dialog and clicking Delete.
  • Split-up accounts automatically inherit properties from the parent account, such as foreign exchange rates. We do not suggest changing the split-up account's properties as it may cause errors displaying balances.
  • Changes to a parent account do not update in automatic documents until the split-up accounts are opened.