Post a calculated adjusting entry

You can automatically calculate the line amount for an adjusting entry by basing it on a calculation.

For example, you could create a calculated eliminating adjusting entry where two accounts (101 and 115) are summed, and the resulting balance is meant to be eliminated. The formula for this calculation would be -(ACT("YR0","101")+ACT("YR0","115")). Note the minus (-) at the front to give us the opposite sign of the summed amounts. ACT indicates an account balance, and "YR0" indicates the current year-to-date balance.

To post a calculated adjusting entry:

  1. On the ribbon, click Account | Adjusting Entries.
  2. On the Adjusting Entries worksheet, click New to create a new entry number, or click the Current entry drop-down menu and select the entry that you want to base on a calculation.
  3. Complete the worksheet columns for your entry as required. Ensure that you select Calculated to display the Calculation column in the worksheet area.
  4. In the worksheet area under the Number column, click the drop-down arrow to search for the account where you want to make the adjustment. Double-click the applicable account to select it.

  5. In the Calculated column, click .... The Calculation dialog displays.
  6. Select a Category to retrieve a result set from the file.
  7. Refine and format the result set and values as required.

    Option Description
    Entity Retrieve results for a specific entity in a consolidated file.
    Parent Only Balances Retrieve results for the parent entity only in a consolidated file.
    Trial Balances Show all of the accounts in the currently selected entity and all sub-entities
    Reporting Period Retrieve results for a specific period.
    Fiscal Year Retrieve results for prior years.
    Currency/Date Format Specify the appearance of dates, numbers and currencies.
    Balance Type Retrieve values for a specific balance type.
    Balance Name Retrieve the budget, forecast, or custom balance, if applicable.
    Use Sign Retrieve positive and negative values.
    Period Only Balance Retrieve balances for a specific period.
    Foreign Exchange Retrieve balances with foreign rates applied.
    Include Sub Balances Retrieve balances that include sub balances.
    Other Basis Adjustments Retrieve balances including other basis adjustments.
    Account Rounding Specify when values are rounded during calculations.
    Hide Zero Values Hide values with zero balances from the results.
  8. In the result set, select the value you want to link. The corresponding formula is automatically generated at the bottom of the dialog.

    Note: You can combine values by adding a plus (+) between the values in the calculation bar.

    If the value is correct, click Accept.

The calculated adjusting entry is posted. The formula is added to the Calculation column of the adjusting entry, which is used to calculate the line amount.

If the calculated adjusting entry is changed, you can click Recalculate at the bottom of the entry to recalculate it, or on the ribbon, click Tools | Recalculate AJEs to recalculate all entries in the file.