Trial balance appears unbalanced after exporting from QuickBooks to Working Papers

Published: May 03, 2017

Affected version(s): Working Papers, All versions


Why does my trial balance appear unbalanced after exporting it from QuickBooks to Working Papers?


The Report setting in QuickBooks causes an issue with the export. You'll need to change the Report setting, re-export the trial balance, and then perform the import again. You'll also need the latest version of the QuickBooks Export Utility, which you can download from MyCaseware.

To change the Report setting in QuickBooks:

  1. Launch QuickBooks.
  2. Click Edit | Preferences | Report & Graph | Company Preference.
  3. In the Reports - Show Accounts By drop-down menu, select Name only.

You can now export the data from using the QuickBooks Export Utility and re-import it into Working Papers. The trial balance will now remain balanced.