What's new - Working Papers 2023

The following describes the features and fixes included in Working Papers 2023 and related products.


Business units

  • Working Papers now seamlessly integrates with Cloud business units, enabling organizations to manage their staff and entities across multiple interconnected Cloud sites. Users can access their engagement files regardless of the business unit where they are stored.

    For more information, contact your local support representative.

History and milestones

  • Added a history event for manually relocking a previously locked down engagement file. You can enable tracking for this event in your file’s history settings.

Hybrid on Prem

  • Unlock the power of Sherlock practice insights with Hybrid on Prem, an ideal environment if you employ custom integrations with Working Papers and want to leverage Caseware Cloud capabilities while limiting change management.

    For more information, contact your local support representative.

IDEA integration

  • Template authors can now embed IDEA analytics from their installed IDEA SmartAnalyzer workflows into CaseView paragraphs, enabling them to standardize which tests to run and when. Users can perform analytics on the engagements and receive results without having to leave the Working Papers interface.

Imports and exports

  • Working Papers now supports imports from the following software packages:

    • Sage 50 Accounts 2023 (UK)

  • Working Papers now supports exports to the following software packages:

    • ProFile 2022 (Canada)


  • The Caseware Cloud search menu in the Consolidation | Properties, Consolidation | New | Existing File, Connect to SmartSync Copy... and Locate Parent of... dialogs has been modernized to improve performance and functionality.
  • The SmartSync Server menu on the Working Papers File | Open page can now be automatically hidden when you connect to a Caseware Cloud site.

    For more information, contact your local support representative.

  • Improved the wording in the Rename File confirmation dialog to clarify that Cloud-integrated files can be renamed, but Cloud-published files cannot.

Print and save

  • When exporting a CaseView document that contains external documents to a PDF, the PDF copies of the external documents can now be read by a screen reader and the text can be copied and pasted.



  • Fixed an issue where text copied from external PDFs in CaseView would appear distorted when pasted into other text editors.
  • Fixed an issue where document sections with a sort group name that exceeds 256-characters would cause the document to stop responding.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented some files with special characters in the file name from being compressed.

Hybrid Cloud

  • Fixed an issue where Cloud-integrated files with accented characters in the file name would fail to open when a sync copy was downloaded from the File | Open | Caseware Cloud menu.
  • Fixed an issue (Error code: 0x8007001d) that prevented Cloud-integrated engagement files from being converted from the Working Papers interface.
  • Fixed an issue where the Year-End Close Performed column in the Working Papers app on Cloud would not update with the correct year-end close status for each file.

Imports and exports

  • Fixed an issue where imports from Fortune Acomba would exclude some transactions if Use the posting date if it is different than the effective date was selected.


  • Fixed an issue where upon opening an engagement file, the messages “Updating balance sheet account balances” and “Processing registration” would display, but not progress, preventing access to the file’s contents.