Customize automatic documents

You can customize the automatic documents for the Trial Balance and leadsheets to make it easier to complete your fieldwork for the consolidation engagement. In these automatic documents you can organize account balances, totals, and other information by entity with columns for each entity in the consolidation. You can also include a column for eliminating entries.

To create an automatic document for a consolidation engagement:

  1. In the Document Manager, click on the folder where you want to add the new document.
  2. On the ribbon, click Home | Automatic Document. The New Automatic Document dialog displays.
  3. Enter a unique document number and name for the automatic document.
  4. In the Document Type list, select either Leadsheet/Grouping or Trial Balance.
  5. In the Format list, select an option that describes the information in the automatic document and how this information will be displayed. Your options include the following:

    Format Description Leadsheet / Grouping Trial Balance
    Account balances The line items are the accounts in the working Trial Balance. This format also includes adjustments made to the accounts.
    Account balances with totals The line items are the accounts assigned to the group number.
    Group hierarchy with subtotals The line items are ordered by group number. A group's subtotal is followed by the group's accounts.
    Group hierarchy summary The line items are group number subtotals.
  6. In the Settings group, select Consolidated View.
  7. To add columns for eliminating entries and total consolidated account balances, select Consolidated in the Balance type drop-down menu.
  8. Define other settings as applicable, then click OK.

You have created an automatic document for a consolidation engagement.