Configure file history

See a list of the most recent events in a file by checking the history. By default, events are sorted by date and time.

  • To view history at the file level, on the ribbon, click Engagement | History. When viewing history at the file level, you can include document insertion events by selecting Display document insertion events.

  • To view history at the document level, select a document and click Document | Properties | History.

You can view the following information for an event by selecting it and clicking Details:

Detail Description
Category The type of event that occurred.
Date The date the event occurred. The default date format is dd/mm/yyyy.
Time The time the event occurred.
Duration The amount of time the user spent on the event.
User The user participating in the event.
Description A description of the event (automatically generated by Working Papers for history events).
Size The size of the document in units of bytes (KB, MB, or GB) if applicable.

When completing a year end close, the history rolls forward into the new file. If you do not require the previous file history, you can remove it by performing a clean up.

History settings

To configure which history events you track at the file level, on the ribbon, click Engagement | History | Settings. Select each category of events that you want to track.

Note: In protected files, you require Engagement rights to change the history settings.

Category Event description
File Creation A file is created.
Sign Out/In A file is signed out or signed in.
File Access A file is opened.
Year End Close

A year end close is performed.

Update from Template A Template Update is launched. An event is recorded whether the update process is successful or canceled.
Adjusting Journal Entry

An adjusting entry is created or deleted.

Document Creation A document is created.
Document Modification The properties of a document have been modified including when a document is deleted.
Check Out/In A document is checked out or checked in.
Role Completion The roles on a document have been signed off.
Document Deletion

A document is permanently deleted.

Note: Events are not tracked for documents that are deleted when running the Audit Optimiser.

Issue Creation An issue is created.
Document Access A document is opened.
User Defined Events A user defined event is triggered. Configured via the COM model.

For some events, you can designate whether or not to automatically generate a milestone when the event occurs. Specify the automatic milestone setting under the Save Type column.

Save type Description
None Does not generate a milestone for the event.
Overall Change Only

Does not generate a milestone. However, a History event is recorded under Document Properties.

This save type is only applicable for events that affect documents.

Milestone for Every Event

Generates a milestone for every event. This option is only applicable for Document Deletion events.