Unlock a locked down file

Documents in a locked down file are read-only to prevent users from making any changes. If you are authorized, you can modify documents after lock down has occurred by unlocking the file.

You should only unlock a locked down file if it is absolutely necessary.


  • If the file is protected, you must have the Lock Down group right to unlock the file.
  • You cannot modify any of the lock down parameters as the file has already been locked down.
  • Documents that were added after lock down will display in the file when it is unlocked.
  • Unlocking a file creates a new history event, relocking a file does not.
  • You cannot delete any existing lock down milestones.

To unlock a locked down file:

  1. In Working Papers, open the locked down file.
  2. On the ribbon, click Engagement | Unlock.
    • If the file is protected, the Lockdown Override dialog displays. Enter the Lock Down password and click OK. If required, you can change the Lock Down password from this dialog.
  3. The File Locked Down dialog displays. Enter an explanation for unlocking the file.

    Note: Select Keep unlocked until relocked to unlock the file until you manually relock it. The file is unlocked for all users unless is a sync copy; other users' sync copies of the file will not be unlocked. Leave this option deselected to only unlock the file for the current session.

    Click OK.

The file is unlocked. You can proceed to modify documents, however they will retain the Locked icon. When you have completed your modifications, relock the file by clicking Engagement | Relock.