Protocols and jump codes

You can use protocols and jump codes to quickly launch dialogs, windows, and wizards.

Caseware protocols

Caseware protocols are entered in the browser address field.

Code Description
cw:manager Document Manager
cw:cloud Caseware Cloud

Jump codes

Enter jump codes in the browser address bar or on the Go To dialog. To access the Go To dialog, press Ctrl+G on your keyboard.

Note: You do not need to enter cw: in the Go To dialog, only the text following.

Code Description
cw:AG1 Assign Group 1
cw:AG2 Assign Group 2
cw:AG3 Assign Group 3
cw:AG4 Assign Group 4
cw:AG5 Assign Group 5
cw:AG6 Assign Group 6
cw:AG7 Assign Group 7
cw:AG8 Assign Group 8
cw:AG9 Assign Group 9
cw:AG0 Assign Group 10
cw:AM Assign Mapping
cw:AMC Assign M3 Codes
cw:AS Assign Users
cw:ASE Assign Entities
cw:AST Assign Tax Export Codes
cw:BKP File: Back Up
cw:BPR Batch Print
cw:CHI Check in
cw:CHO Check out
cw:CID Change Identity
cw:CLN Clean Up
cw:CO Consolidate
cw:DF Report Setup
cw:DG Diagnostics
cw:FB Budgets
cw:FC Budgets (Cash Flow)
cw:FD Budgets (Performance Measures)
cw:FP Engagement Properties
cw:FP1 Engagement Properties: Contact 1
cw:FP2 Engagement Properties: Contact 2
cw:FP3 Engagement Properties: Dates
cw:FP4 Engagement Properties: Period Balances
cw:GB1 Mapping/Grouping Balances: Group 1
cw:GB2 Mapping/Grouping Balances: Group 2
cw:GB3 Mapping/Grouping Balances: Group 3
cw:GB4 Mapping/Grouping Balances: Group 4
cw:GB5 Mapping/Grouping Balances: Group 5
cw:GB6 Mapping/Grouping Balances: Group 6
cw:GB7 Mapping/Grouping Balances: Group 7
cw:GB8 Mapping/Grouping Balances: Group 8
cw:GB9 Mapping/Grouping Balances: Group 9
cw:GB10 Mapping/Grouping Balances: Group 10
cw:GM Mapping/Grouping Balances: Mapping
cw:JA Adjusting Entries
cw:JE Other Entries
cw:JEAP Journal: Accounts payable journal
cw:JECD Journal: Cash disbursements journal
cw:JECR Journal: Cash receipts journal
cw:JEGJ Journal: General journal
cw:JEPJ Journal: Payroll journal
cw:JEPL Journal: Purchase ledger
cw:JESE Journal: Standard entries
cw:JESJ Journal: Sales journal
cw:LU Lock/Unlock Client
cw:MNT Tools: Maintenance
cw:MP Mapping
cw:MP0 Mapping: Mapping
cw:MP1 Mapping: Report
cw:MTX Map XBRL Taxonomy
cw:NG1 New Group 1 Number
cw:NG2 New Group 2 Number
cw:NG3 New Group 3 Number
cw:NG4 New Group 4 Number
cw:NG5 New Group 5 Number
cw:NG6 New Group 6 Number
cw:NG7 New Group 7 Number
cw:NG8 New Group 8 Number
cw:NG9 New Group 9 Number
cw:NG0 New Group 10 Number
cw:NM New Mapping Number
cw:OP Options
cw:OP0 Options: General
cw:OP1 Options: Roles
cw:OP2 Options: Groupings
cw:OP3 Options: Mapping: General
cw:OP4 Options: Documents
cw:OP5 Options: Journals
cw:OP6 Options: Tax Codes
cw:OP7 Options: Units
cw:OP8 Options: Advanced
cw:OP9 Options: Layout
cw:OP10 Options: Data Store
cw:OP11 Options: Mapping: Purge
cw:OP12 Options: Custom Balances
cw:OP13 Options: Default Paths
cw:OP14 Options: Mapping: Autofill
cw:OP15 Options: Language Identifiers
cw:OP16 Options: Caseware Cloud
cw:OP17 Options: Currency
cw:PB Prior Balances
cw:PC Prior Balances (Cash Flow)
cw:PD Prior Balances (Performance Measures)
cw:PO Protection: On/Off
cw:PRS Protection Setup
cw:PW Change password
cw:RAJ Recalculate Adjusting Entries
cw:RC Recalculate
cw:RI Reindex
cw:RP Repost
cw:SG Setup Groupings
cw:SG1 Setup Group: L/S
cw:SG2 Setup Group: 2
cw:SG3 Setup Group: 3
cw:SG4 Setup Group: 4
cw:SG5 Setup Group: 5
cw:SG6 Setup Group: 6
cw:SG7 Setup Group: 7
cw:SG8 Setup Group: 8
cw:SG9 Setup Group: 9
cw:SG0 Setup Group: 10
cw:SIN Sign in/out
cw:ST1 Setup Structure 1
cw:ST2 Setup Structure 2
cw:ST3 Setup Structure 3
cw:TB Period Balances
cw:TC Template Creation/Copy
cw:TM Tickmarks
cw:TP Period Balances (Performance Measures)
cw:TS Period Balances (Cash Flow)
cw:UD User Defined Data
cw:WI Who Am I?
cw:WSR Settings For Reports
cw:WT Working Trial Balance
cw:WT0 Trial Balance: Account
cw:WT1 Trial Balance: Report
cw:WT2 Trial Balance: Cash Flow
cw:WT3 Trial Balance: Groupings
cw:WT4 Trial Balance: Tax
cw:WT5 Trial Balance: Foreign Exchange
cw:WT6 Trial Balance: Performance Measures
cw:YE Year End Close