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Audit Optimiser Confirmation Report

Audit includes an AOCR Audit Optimiser Confirmation Report document that lists all the actions that will be performed, based on the settings the firm author defined while setting up the Optimiser.

The following sections are defined in the report:

  • Checklist Responses: shows a list of documents, controls or risks that have been marked for deletion based on checklist responses.

  • Other: lists controls not associated to risks that have been marked for deletion. This section appears only if the firm author has specified that unassociated controls are to be deleted.

  • Industry Selections: shows a list of documents that do not belong to the specified industry.

  • FSA Assessment: shows a list of documents suggested for deletion based on the materiality assessment as specified in the FSA - Financial statement areas worksheet. The documents referenced to non-material financial statement areas, under the W/P ref. column, are selected for removal. Their planning and final balances are displayed, enabling you to confirm that these financial statement areas are not material. In addition, documents in the same folder as these documents will also be suggested for removal.

Clicking the Proceed with Deletion button at the end of each section deletes everything selected for deletion. If, for any reason, you do not want to delete a specific document, control, or risk, unselect it.

Should you find that you need to reinsert any of the documents from the Audit template, you can do this from the Document Manager by right-clicking and selecting New and From Document Library. Note that the document will reappear in the Audit Optimiser Confirmation Report as being marked for deletion, but you can choose not to proceed with its deletion.

Note: If a mapping or group number is deleted, any document associated with this mapping or group number is marked for deletion in the Assessment section of the Audit Optimiser Confirmation Report.

This online help system applies to all CaseWare Audit, Review, and Compilation products. Not all features are available in all products.