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Creating additional control matrices

includes Control Matrix documents 545, 550, 555, and 560 for the respective default business cycles: Revenues, receivables, receipts; Purchases, payables, payments; Payroll; and Financial reporting. Audit also allows you to create additional control matrices when applicable.

  1. From the Document Manager, open the folder New Master Documents.

  2. Right-click the CTRLM. Control Matrix document and select Copy.

  3. Place the cursor on the location where the new document will be placed. Right-click and select Paste.

    Tip: The new document will appear below the selected document/folder.

  4. Right-click the new document and select Properties.

  5. Modify the document number and name and click OK.

  6. Open the new document and type any necessary document guidance, introduction or conclusion.

  7. Modify the filters and views to suit your needs.

  8. Save and Close the document.

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