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Getting Ready for Next Year

Note: Some features described here are not available in all products.

Once the engagement file is completed, the client file should be cleaned up, and you should perform a year-end close to prepare for the following year. Note that the file retains or clears information based on the following:

Work programs - Completion responses, references and conclusions are retained / cleared based on the customization your firm has made based on the firm’s policy in AO – General Options.

Checklists - All information entered in checklists will clear upon year end close.

Other forms - The information retained / cleared in each document is defined in the CaseWare Document Tips in each of the document, as guidance.

Letters - All content is retained.


  • Partner and Manager Summary retains risks and issues until refreshed at which point issues and risks that were not set to roll forward will clear. Risks rolled forward are moved to the “Other Risks” section of the report.
  • Financial statement areas worksheet updates balances based on the changes to the trial balance, and all other information is retained.
  • Risk report retains all information on all risks set to roll forward.
  • Other report documents concerned with the status of your engagement file will represent information relevant to the current status of the file.


This online help system applies to all CaseWare Audit, Review, and Compilation products. Not all features are available in all products.