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Groupings dialog

The Groupings dialog is part of the client file update process. It lists the mapping and grouping structures that have been changed for this update.

For each mapping and grouping structure there are two check boxes. The Update check box enables you to update the structure during the current update process or a subsequent update. The N/A check box allows you to indicate the item as not applicable and to ignore the structure for the update. The N/A checkbox selections are retained with the engagement and will stay checked for all subsequent updates.

The following buttons are defined in the Groupings dialog:

Button Description


Update all of the mapping and grouping structures for which the update has not been ignored.


Skip this step until the next time you initiate the update process.

Click the Release notes link to view the release notes for the new version of the template.

Select theShow N/A check box to view the mapping and grouping structures for which the update will be ignored.

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