Firm Library - Specifying Table View Properties

Financials provides the ability to adjust what to display in tables in a financial statement area.


You can configure any table after you have added content to a financial statement area. See Adding and organizing content for more details.


  1. In the Firm Library document for the financial statement area, select an applicable table.
  2. From the Home tab, in the View group, select from the following view settings:
Displays cell numbers in tooltips.

Clears changed flags. For example, if a cell value has changed in the financial statements, such as an adjusting journal entry in Working Papers, the affected cell or cells are marked with a changed flag, which is a red jagged underline. You can clear these changed flags

Note: Clearing the change flag is not permanent. The next time a change is made to the underlying data, the changed flag will reappear.

Displays specified guidance for one or more financial statement areas.
Toggle to show or hide the annotation column.
Toggle to Show or hide rows or columns that are to be skipped.
Toggle to show or hide the map number/line source column at the left of the statements.
Displays a ruler at the top of the window that spans the width of the financial statements. This can be useful when resizing columns.

Select one of the following viewing options:

  • All Display - display all map/group numbers.
  • Balances - display only map numbers with balances.
  • View as Hierarchy - Display the map numbers in a hierarchy.
  • View as List - List the map numbers in numeric order.