Regenerating the Financial Statements

You can open the Financial statements document to re-generate the financial statements and test your customizations, or set the financial statement default formats for end users.


For information on creating content for the financial statements, see Adding and organizing content.


  1. In the Document Manager, open the Financial statements document.

    Note: The document number for the Financial statements document depends on the Financials template that you are using.

  2. Use the tabs in this document to change the options to reflect the content and formats being tested.
  3. In the Content Management ribbon, select Modify and then select Delete All and Regenerate.


Test versions of the financial statements are generated using the content and formats that you have specified. The generated content is based on the Content Rules defined in each financial statement area library document. This gives you a clearer idea of what the financial statements will look like when they are generated in the client file.