User Help

If you are a new user, see Using Financials for topics to get you started working with Financials.

The User help for Financials is organized into the following areas:

Using Financials

If you are a user creating financial statements, the topics in this section will help you get started working with Financials.

First Time Setup

When you first start using Financials for a client, you will need to set up the client file to customize it for the client and the engagement.

Add, Remove, Update Content

Add and remove content, and control interactions with the content management system in the template.

Customize the Look and Feel

Customize the styles, formats, notes, and tables used within the financial statements.

Supporting Worksheets

Configure these documents to set up many of the values that will flow through the financial statements.


Work with multiple financial statements at once and manage knowledge sources.

Management Reporting

The Monthly Management Reporting feature will assist corporations and organizings to generate monthly management reports to stakeholders about the performance of the organization.