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Manage users

You can add users to a file and assign them to specific documents. Before you can manage your users, you must enable protection in a file.

Add a user

Users must have a user ID to sign in to a protected file.

To add a user to a file:

  1. On the ribbon, click Tools | Protection | Protection Setup.
  2. In the Users and Groups dialog, below Users and Global Groups, click Add.
  3. In the User Properties dialog, on the User Information tab, complete each field. If applicable, complete the fields in the Rates group.
    • Standard Rate: The rate charged to the client.
    • Plan Rate: The rate based on audit risk.
  4. On the Member Of tab, add the user to any applicable groups. Click OK.

    Note: You can assign the new user to a group afterward from the Users and Groups dialog.

The user is created in the file. You can modify the user from the Users and Groups dialog by selecting the user and clicking Properties. You can change the user password in Tools | Protection | Change Password.

Assign a user to a group

Groups help you manage the rights and access levels that users have for a file. When you assign a user to a group, they inherit the rights and access levels of that group.

To assign a user to a group:

  1. On the ribbon, click Tools | Protection | Protection Setup.
  2. In the Users and Groups dialog, select a user from the Users and Global Groups pane and the group you want to add them to in the Available Groups pane, then click the arrow to move the user into the group.

The user is assigned to the specified group. To remove a user from a group, select the user from the Available Groups pane and click the arrow to move the user back to the Users list.

Assign a user to a document

After configuring your users and groups, you can assign users to prepare and review individual documents in your Working Papers file.

To assign users to a document:

  1. On the ribbon, click Document | Assign Users.
  2. Select the document or documents where you want to assign users. In the Assign users to document(s) group, select a preparer and reviewer from the drop-down menus.

    Note: Users' document rights are determined by their group rights. Before you attempt to assign users to documents, review your group rights to ensure you can make the desired assignments.

    Click Close.

The documents are assigned to the preparers and reviewers.

Deactivate users

If you want to retain the user information of someone who is no longer active in your organization, you can deactivate their profile. Deactivated users cannot log in or access protected files.

To deactivate a user:

  1. On the ribbon, click Tools | Protection | Protection Setup.
  2. Select the user you want to deactivate. Click Properties.
  3. On the User Information tab, in the Information group, click the Type drop-down menu and select Inactive. Click OK.

The user is deactivated and can no longer log in or access protected files.

User properties

Modify user information and assign users to groups.

User Information

Specify general information for a user on the User Information tab.

Option Description
User name

Users will use this name to access the client file when protection is on.


Enter a unique identifier for the user. The identifier displays in other areas of the program referred to as "initials".

  • Duplicate identifiers are not permitted
  • Maximum field length is eight characters
  • Identifiers with less than 8 characters will be filled with spaces

Select to grant the user the following administrator rights:

  • Access to all rights in the Rights tab of the Group Setup dialog.
  • Authority to set up Administrator Options of the data store.
  • Ability to create, copy, modify, or delete shared views in Tracker when the Require log in for Tracker option is selected in the data store.
  • Access to all files in the Working Papers client file.
Pre name

Enter the title of the user (e.g. Mr., Mrs.).


Use the drop-down list to change a user to active or inactive.

  • Active users can be assigned to access Working Papers files.
  • Inactive users cannot be assigned to any password-protected client file even if they are listed as a user in the client file. This is the most effective method of removing a user from the Working Papers security system.
First name

Enter the user's first name.

Last name

Enter the user's last name.


Enter the user's designation (e.g. C.A., C.P.A., Ph.d.).


Create an optional password for the user. Once assigned to client files, users must provide a password to access the file. Users can change passwords at any time while working in a client file. If you are creating passwords for all users in the user list, you can use the same password for each user. After accessing a client file, you can instruct users to change the password to one of their own creation. Passwords can be alphanumeric and up to 14 characters long.

If the password field is left blank, Working Papers will ask you to confirm if you want to create a user with no password.

Confirm password

Enter the password again.

Standard Rate

Enter the rate being charged to the client.

Plan Rate

Enter the rate being charged to the client.

Member Of

Manage which groups the select user is included in from the Member Of tab.

Option Description
Group membership for user

Lists all groups available to the selected user. Select a group to add the user, or deselect a group to remove the user.