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Create a system database

You can store system-wide information in a system database so that it is easily accessible in templates and client files. Using a system database eliminates the need to duplicate data in CaseView databases between different client files. You can also create browses using a system database as the base.

To create a system database:

  1. Ensure you are working in Design Mode.
  2. On the ribbon, click Document | Settings | System Databases.
  3. Click Add.
  4. The New System Database dialog displays. Click Browse... and select a .dbf file to use for the database, or enter a new name in the File name field to create a new .dbf file. Click Save.
  5. The Label field is automatically populated based on the first 6-characters of the file name. You can edit the label if required. Note that this label is used to identify the database in the CVDATAC() function. Click OK.

The system database is created.

Note: CaseView supports relative file paths pointing to the system database. This allows for easier file sharing and greater adaptability. For example, if a document is designed on a workstation where the program directory is C:\Caseware, the hard-coded calculation paths would fail on a workstation where the program directory is C:\Program Files\Caseware. By using a path relative to the document itself, you can specify the path as one folder above the document. This ensures that recipients of the client file store it in a program directory sub-folder.