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Reordering Columns in a Table

You can reorder columns within a table. Note the following:

  • Columns that have merged squares are moved as a group; columns within the merged squares can only be moved within their merged groups.
  • When columns that are part of a keep together are moved, the keep together is broken unless the columns are merged. In the case of a merged column where all the columns are designated keep together, then all columns within the merged square are moved as a whole and the keep together is maintained.
  • Using the following procedure, you can shuffle columns based on one base row at a time. To move columns based on multiple base rows, use the Shuffle Table Columns command.
  • Note: All cells within a table will be re-referenced, even if its table column did not move during the shuffle.

Reordering columns in a table:

  1. In Design mode, place the cursor in the table whose columns you want to reorder.
  2. On the Home tab, click Table | Shuffle Columns. The Shuffle Table Columns dialog opens displaying the table with each column under a numbered header.
  3. Select the base row of the column you want to reorder. Do this by clicking the left side of the dialog box to move the base row indicator images\table_column_shuffle_triangle_shg.gif to a specified row. The base row defines the criteria used to shuffle columns. For example, if you select a row that contains some merged squares, the group of merged squares is shuffled as a whole. If the base row does not contain merged squares but the column is part of a merged square, you can only move the column within the merged squares.
  4. Click the column you want to move. Arrows pointing to the left and to the right of the column appear on the header indicating which directions the column can be moved.
  5. Click the appropriate button:

    • To move the column to the right, click Move Right.
    • To move the column to the left, click Move Left.

    If an arrow is not present in the header, the column cannot be moved in that direction.

  6. Once you click the appropriate button, notice that the column numbering shifts in the header so you can see the reordering.
  7. If at any time, you want to go back to the original order, click Reset to discard all changes made in the Shuffle Table Columns dialog.
  8. Click OK. If the column is part of a keep together that is not part of a merged square, a message is displayed indicating that the keep together will be removed. You can choose whether or not to continue with the reordering.

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