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What's new - Working Papers 2022: Update 1

An update for Working Papers 2022: Update 1 is now available. See What's new - Working Papers: Update 1 (R2) for more information.

The following describes the features and fixes included in Working Papers 2022: Update 1 and related products.


Cloud integration

  • Hybrid Cloud firms can now access their Cloud-integrated engagement files from the new Caseware Cloud menu on the Working Papers File | Open page. This functionality is no longer combined with the SmartSync Server menu. You can search through and filter your firm's entities, then select an entity to view the associated engagement files. Opening an engagement file from this interface automatically checks out a local sync copy to your computer.

IDEA integration

  • There are no changes to Working Papers regarding IDEA integration; however, updates to IDEA will add functionality to SmartAnalyzer apps that will be accessible within Working Papers.


  • Working Papers now supports imports from the following software packages:

    • Palladium 2017

    • QuickBooks 2023 (Australia, Canada, UK, USA)

    • Sage 50 Accounting 2023 (Canada)

  • Xero imports now include general ledger descriptions for cash flow items.



  • Fixed an issue that allowed users to delete milestones in previously locked-down engagements using CaseView.
  • Fixed an issue where insignificant XBRL data was being stored in CaseView documents and caused performance issues in the Knowledge Library.
  • Fixed an issue where copy and pasting text from a Word document on Microsoft OneDrive to a CaseView document would cause CaseView to stop responding.

Data Store

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from connecting to shared stores through Working Papers if they were created in a version of SQL Server that is no longer supported.


  • Fixed an issue where Working Papers would stop responding after adding a file with a long file path to the Document Manager.

  • Fixed an issue where all the documents in a query would download to the same placeholder location, regardless of the Author ID they were assigned.

  • Fixed an issue where the sent date and signed-off date of documents with an electronic signature would use a default setting and ignore the system's assigned date and time format.


  • Fixed an issue where Working Papers would stop responding upon launching QuickBooks.