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Known issues

The following known issues affect the current version of Working Papers and related products.

  • Working Papers 2022 and above closes abruptly when trying to open a Cloud engagement file.

    Workaround: See Known issue - Working Papers cannot open Cloud engagement files.

  • After updating to the USA Tax Year Export 2022, GoSystem reports an error when importing Caseware tax files that contain any of the following tax codes:

    • M3323BA, M3323BB, M3323BC (Forms SCorp, M3 Part III, Line 23, b: 'Depletion-Other than Oil&Gas')
  • After updating to Working Papers 2022 Update 1, the new Caseware Cloud menu on the File | Open page appears blank for some users.

    Workaround: See "File | Open | Caseware Cloud" menu appears blank for some users.

  • Changes to contact information in Cloud do not automatically synchronize to an integrated file's engagement properties if Working Papers is open at the time of the change.

    Workaround: Close the Working Papers file prior to making changes to the contact information in Cloud, then reopen to synchronize the changes.