About lock down

You can lock down the documents you need to retain at the end of a reporting period, and manage the date that financial statements are authorized for issue. Lock down can occur immediately, or you can set it to take place after a specific date.

Note: Lock down is irreversible, you can only temporarily unlock a file afterwards.

When you lock down a file, the following actions occur automatically:

  • Shared data becomes read-only
  • External files (Word, Excel, and PDF) become read-only
  • The file becomes unmodifiable unless it is unlocked and the changes are documented
  • History tracking is enabled
    • A history event is created if the file is unlocked
    • A history event is created if a document is added or deleted
  • Milestones are created for all documents in the file
  • Auto-compare to the lock down milestones is enabled
  • A lock icon displays on each locked document and in the Working Papers Status bar
  • Locked CaseView documents show the status Locked in the window header and Status bar

You can still perform the following actions after lock down:

You cannot perform the following actions after lock down:

  • Modify the lock down settings
  • Delete milestones
  • Input annotation/commentary
  • Modify locked down documents and change document properties
  • Assign mappings or groupings
  • Assign entities or consolidate the file