Imports and Pervasive SQL

On some operating systems, users with limited rights cannot import into Working Papers from software that uses the Pervasive/Btrieve engine. To overcome this security restraint, you must modify the PVSW folder to give full permissions to the limited user before performing an import.

To change user rights for a limited user or group:

  1. Log into the workstation with an administrator account.
  2. In the C:\ drive, right-click the PVSW folder and click Properties.
  3. Click the Security tab. In the Group or user names list, select the group or user with limited rights. In the Permissions list, grant the user or group Full control permissions.

The user or group is granted full permissions for the PVSW folder.

If you have a Pervasive/Btrieve server engine installed and your Pervasive Event Log (PVSW.LOG) contains Status Code 3012 warning entries, you must disable local engine support.

To disable local engine support:

  1. Open the Pervasive PSQL Control Center.
  2. Expand Local Client.
  3. Right-click MicroKernel Router, then click Properties.
  4. If prompted, enter your login information.
  5. Click Access.
  6. In the right-hand pane, change Use Local MicroKernel Engine to OFF, and Use Remote MicroKernel Engine to ON.
  7. Restart the Pervasive/Btrieve engine.

Local engine support for the Pervasive/Btrieve server is disabled.