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Numerical Functions

Numerical functions can be used when creating calculated adjusting entries or mapping/grouping numbers.

More information can be found by selecting a function in the table below: 

Function Description
ABS Returns the absolute value of a number or numeric expression. The absolute value of a number is the number without its sign. The number must be an integer.
EXP Calculates the exponent of an expression.
FV Calculates the future value factor that can be used to determine the future worth of an investment.
LOG Returns the base 10 logarithm of an expression.
MAX Returns the maximum value of several expressions.
MIN Returns the smallest value of several expressions.
MKDEC Converts any format to decimal.
MKINT Rounds numeric values to an integer. Truncates string values to an integer by removing the portion after the whole number.
MOD Calculates the remainder when one number, the numerator, is divided by another, the divisor.
POS Returns a value if the value is positive, otherwise it returns zero.
PV Calculates the present value factor that can be used to multiply by the expected cash flow to determine the present value.

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