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Mapping and Grouping Calculations

To subtotal a range of accounts, map numbers or groups, enter the range of numbers to be included in the calculation. For example, to make a calculation of all fixed assets accounts between map number 151 and 165, enter 151..165.

By using multiple numbers separated by commas, a range can be specified by two map, account or group numbers with .. in between. For example, entering 10, 15, 20..30 gives this particular map the value of maps 10, 15 and all map numbers from 20 to 30 when accessed by a Working Papers map calculation.

Wildcards can also be used in creating calculated numbers. Entering 115*, 116* includes all accounts that start with 115 and 116 - even if each of those numbers have sub accounts.

For further details on setting up calculated numbers, see Creating calculated map numbers or creating calculated group numbers.

  • Calculated map numbers can be used only in CaseView reports and the following automatic document formats: Financial statements - Balance sheet and Financial statements - Income statement.
  • Calculated map numbers do not work in any other automatic documents.

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