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Diagnostics Index

Diagnostic documents check the working paper file for errors or inconsistencies. Working Papers diagnostics present critical and warning error messages to alert you to areas in the client file that are missing completion information or are not functioning properly.

Diagnostic document formats

The format of a diagnostic document, defines the focus of the diagnostic report. There are six types of diagnostic documents that Working Papers generates. Select the type of diagnostic report that pertains to the area of the client file you want to check.

Format Description
Mapping structure Ensures that the properties of map numbers in the Mapping database correspond to the properties of accounts in the client's chart of accounts.
Setup Prepares warning, critical, and error type diagnostics on the preparation of working papers in the client file.
Out of balance Indicates which journal entries are out of balance.
Account structure balances Prepares warning, critical, and error type diagnostics on the setup of accounts, groupings, map numbers, ratios, and account referencing.
Role completion

Lists all documents missing initials or dates in the Role options of the document properties.

Tax structure Lists all documents that have errors concerning tax linkage codes or balances for export to tax applications.

Repairing Mapping, Account, and Tax Structure Diagnostics

Many structure diagnostics are a result of properties assigned in the Working Trial Balance not agreeing to properties set up in the Mapping Database. Occasionally this may be by user design, however if the properties are frequently divergent then the user should reconsider the structure of the Mapping Database.

To re-align all properties in the Working Trial Balance to Mapping Structure properties use Working Papers Autofill feature.

Select the diagnostics code you want to look up.

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