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The CaseWare Working Papers online help includes both reference and step-by-step information. You can access the online help on the File tab, click Help, and then click Help Topics.

The online help is context sensitive, meaning you can access specific help topics related to whatever part of Working Papers you are using.

Note: Hover over the ribbon to display enhanced tooltips.Tooltips provide a short description of the command or menu item.

Press the F1 key while on a particular command, menu item, in a dialog box, or any of the windows.

Click the Help button in a dialog box or window.

Our online resources are rich with additional information to help you use Working Papers as effectively and efficiently as possible. You can access the Support Tools drop-down menu at the top of the online help.

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  • Search for a topic in the online help to quickly find information.
  • Click a closed book icon () to open it and display related topic areas.
  • Click a topic icon () to display related help material.
  • Click the print icon () to print a topic.
  • Click the arrow ( ) next to the help contents to hide the Contents pane.

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