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Multiple Languages


Working Papers allows you to enter names and extended descriptions for accounts, map numbers, group numbers, and documents in multiple languages and seamlessly switch between them. When enabled, a language selection drop-down will appear in the Working Papers Context toolbar allowing you to switch between languages with a single click. Any components which have been specified as multi-language will display the descriptions and extended descriptions in the selected language.

  • Specify the default language

  • Specify the language in client files

  • Check this box to enable the language selection drop-down on the Context toolbar.

  • Enter a name for the primary language.

  • Enter an identifier for the primary language. An identifier will be created automatically as the main language name is entered, but it may be overwritten if desired. This identifier is used in CaseView calculations to draw a value into a cell using the correct language.

    Create, edit, or delete additional languages for the language drop-down. For each new language, enter a name and identifier.

  • Check the components of the client file whose descriptions will change when a new language is selected.


  • If a language is selected and values have yet to be entered for a component (for example, the French account descriptions haven't been entered yet) the components will display as blank. Hence, it is possible to switch languages and see a Document Manager with only document numbers listed and no document titles, or a Working Trial Balance with all of the account information displayed, but no account names listed.
  • In certain areas of Working Papers, such as the Working Trial Balance, Mapping screen, and Grouping screen, the name and extended descriptions may be modified for the current selected language.

    However, areas of the program in which the account, map, group, or document names appear as a read-only field (such as the account lookup list in the Adjusting Entries screen, or drilldowns in the Working Trial Balance), will display the selected language's value for that component, but are not directly editable.

  • When working in a file with history event tracking, please note changing from language to language will not cause all of your documents to become red underlined (indicating the contents have changed). If a document is accessed and compared to a milestone in another language, the content within will be seen as changed and will be underlined.

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