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File Conversion

When opening unconverted files and templates created in previous versions of Working Papers for the first time, you will be prompted to convert the file to your current version of Working Papers. Once converted, files can no longer be opened with earlier versions of Working Papers.

We recommend making a backup copy of the file prior to conversion. When making a backup copy, a copy of the client file is created in the Backup Path.

  • After converting a locked down file, automatic documents that have changed will display changes in red if "Auto-Compare" is enabled. Example: unbalanced split-up accounts, multiple page documents, calculated map numbers, user-defined columns, etc.
  • When converting to a new tax patch version, ensure Tax Jurisdiction and Tax Entity are set and correctly configured in the Engagement Properties dialog.
  • If creating a backup copy of a sync file, the sync folder "_sync" will not be included in the compressed ".ac_" file, and must be copied independently.
  • If you delete an original sync copy, the backup copy cannot be used as a child copy to an existing grandchild file.

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