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About Sign Out/Sign In

Working Papers allows a user to lock access or "sign out" an entire client file, leaving a read-only copy behind at the file's current location that can be signed back into its current location when work is completed.

The sign out process:

  • Closes all open CaseView and external documents in the client file, prompting to save as required.
  • Creates a read-only copy of the client file in its original location, called the Central copy.
  • Creates a copy of the original client file, called the Master file.
  • Compresses the central copy.
  • Moves the master file to a new, user-specified location.

Once the sign out process is complete, all modifications must be made in the master file. Check out documents in the master file to subdivide the file further.

Opening documents in the central copy displays a warning text of "LOCKED" and no modifications can be made.

Signing out a client file gives access to the following:

  • Engagement History - The sign out is recorded in the history of both the master file and the central copy. To view the history, click Engagement | History.

  • Signed out by user - The status bar displays the user name of the person who has signed out the file to the right of the name of the client file.


  • Central Copy - access the central copy while in the master file by clicking on File | Recent Files | Switch to Central Copy.

The sign in process:

  • Checks for documents that have been checked out. All documents must be checked in or modifications made to the checked out documents must be abandoned.
  • Checks for open external files. All external documents must be closed for the sign in process to continue.
  • Decompresses the central copy.
  • Updates the central copy with the modifications made in the master file.
  • Automatically deletes the master file once the sign in process completes successfully.

Other options available during the sign in process:

  • Keep the file signed out - updates the central copy with modifications made in the master file, but the file remains signed out. The central copy recompresses after the updates.
  • Sign the file in and lose the checked out changes for the following users - abandons modifications to checked out documents and signs in the master file. A list of users with checked out documents is displayed. This option is only available if there are documents checked out.


  • When signing out files, a user must have the required authorization rights to copy files to the destination folder.
  • When signing in files, a user must have the rights to rename the central copy folder and to copy the master file folder to the central copy parent folder.
  • Compressed files cannot be signed out.
  • Canceling on the process dialogs that display after the Sign In/ Sign out Wizard only cancels the compressing of the central copy.
  • Sync files cannot be signed out. Attempting to publish a signed out file, making it a Sync file, or publishing a file that has components checked out displays an error message.

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