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Known Issues

The following known issues affect the current version of Working Papers and related products.

Working Papers

  • The search function in SmartSync Server may not display all relevant results if the search term matches too many files.

  • Performing a Copy Components on a Working Papers file will incorrectly overwrite duplicate map and group numbers, rather than renumber them.

  • When selecting a range of documents in the Document Manager, documents inside the range that are hidden by a filter are incorrectly included in the selection. As a result, deleting the range will incorrectly delete the hidden documents as well.

  • Adjusted materiality does not display in Leadsheet/Grouping automatic documents for group numbers that are greater than 22 characters in length.

  • Attempting to rename a SmartSync Server parent file while connected as a local administrative user automatically fails.

    Workaround: Rename the file under a non-administrative account.

  • Opening a PDF from a sync copy in Microsoft Edge, then deleting the sync copy, does not display a prompt to close the PDF. The sync copy is deleted but the PDF remains.

    Workaround: Close all PDFs before deleting a sync copy, or manually delete the PDF from the file folder after deleting the sync copy.

  • Working Papers 2019 may fail to install due to an Install Shield compatibility issue with certain Citrix or Terminal Server environments.

    Workaround: See Working Papers fails to install on a Citrix/Terminal Server.


  • There are currently no known issues in CaseView.


  • If more than one Working Papers file is open, clicking a document reference in Excel may open a document from the incorrect file.


  • Shared views may duplicate in the Views pane after restarting Tracker.

  • Local sync copies of client files may not always be visible to other computers.

  • The date and time when a file was last accessed may not synchronize between computers.

  • After publishing a file to SmartSync Server, you can no longer expand the Location column.

    Workaround: Refresh the view or restart Tracker.

  • Adding or removing a SmartSync Server then attempting to file scan may cause Tracker to stop responding.

    Workaround: Add or remove the server from Working Papers.

  • Creating a child copy of a consolidated file on SmartSync Server does not automatically prompt you to create a child copy of the entity file.

    Workaround: Create the child copy from the File | Open menu in Working Papers.

  • Removing a local sync copy from a Tracker view removes the associated parent file from the SmartSync Server view.

    Workaround: Re-scan the SmartSync Server to restore the parent file in the view.

  • Tracker may incorrectly report that sync copies exist for files with abandoned sync copies.

  • Clearing synchronization information on a SmartSync Server does not properly clear the _sync folder.

  • Users cannot download sync copies from a SmartSync Server on a different domain.

  • After converting a file to a newer version of Working Papers, the file version does not update in the Local SmartSync Copies view.

  • When a file in Tracker is deleted but the view has not yet refreshed, attempting to modify the deleted file will display an error message unrelated to the file's deleted status.

  • Compressing a file that is already compressed incorrectly reports a success message, rather than informing you that the action is unnecessary.

  • When open, Tracker fails to operate as a foreground system process, preventing some dialogs and views from being modified.

  • Converting a parent file with online sync copies incorrectly reports a success message when the file has not been converted. All sync copies must be offline to convert the parent file.