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What's New - Update 1

The following describes the features and fixes included in Working Papers 2019: Update 1 (2019.00.227) and related products.

Working Papers


  • Working Papers now supports imports from the following software versions:

    • Pastel Partner 19.1.2
    • Sage 50 Accounting 2019.3 (Canada)
    • Sage 50 Accounting 2020 (USA)
  • In the Engagement | Import menu, Auditfile XML (Portugal) has been renamed to SAF-T PT XML.

  • In the Import from Accounting Software dialog, AgExpert Analyst has been renamed to AgExpert.

Migration Manager

  • When uploading data store users in the Migration Manager, you can now simultaneously upload data store groups and permissions to the Working Papers Security settings on Cloud.

  • Improved the accuracy of the auto-mapping process when creating the CSV map file. The Migration Manager can now determine the usage of the Client Name and Operating Name parameters and map them accordingly.


  • Added a Receive function that retrieves accepted documents from the linked Queries file and adds them to the Document Manager.

    The Receive button highlighted in the Queries group of the Cloud tab.

    To utilize this function, documents in the Queries file must first be linked to the Document Manager using an Author ID.


  • To improve efficiency, you can now copy documents from a second template when creating a template-based Working Papers file. In File | New, select the source template, then click Create file and copy documents from another template to select the second template.

Users and Groups

  • Administrators can now define which groups have permission to rename Working Papers files in the group’s properties. On the Rights tab, select the File category and enable Rename File.


  • Fixed an issue that would remove users from Active Directory groups when the associated file was converted to Working Papers 2019.

  • Fixed an issue where outstanding sync copies were not abandoned correctly after renaming a SmartSync Server file.

  • Fixed an issue where Working Papers would stop responding when connected to a data store containing usernames longer than 21 characters. Working Papers and the Data Store Administration Tool must both be updated to resolve this issue.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented tooltip text from scaling when using monitors with 4K resolution.

  • Fixed an issue where protected files would not be visible in the file list after publishing them to a SmartSync Server.

  • Fixed an issue where the Auto-publish after integrating option was still available in Engagement Properties after a file had already been published.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented new document references from being added to multiple rows in an automatic document.



  • You can now add and remove cells from an existing conditional formatting rule, rather than recreating the rule to include or exclude them. Select a rule and click Edit Rule, then add or remove cells in the Applies To pane.

    The plus (+) and minus (-) buttons highlighted in the Applies To pane of the Conditional Formatting dialog.

Knowledge Library

  • It now takes significantly less time to display documents in the Knowledge Library Index after the first comparison.


  • Fixed an issue that caused rounding relations to fail after converting a file from a previous version of Working Papers to Working Papers 2019.

  • Fixed an issue where documents with section tags would export to Inline XBRL with incorrect formatting.

  • Fixed an issue where previewing cells in the Conditional Formatting Rules dialog would not display customizations to underlines.

  • Fixed an issue where cutting and pasting a cell would cause it to lose any conditional formatting properties.

  • Fixed an issue where conditional formatting in a Knowledge Library entry would not transfer when the entry was inserted into a document.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented template text from scaling when using monitors with 4K resolution.

  • Fixed an issue where hypercube dimensions would not load correctly from an XBRL taxonomy.

  • Fixed an issue where opening the Options dialog through a cell event, then clicking the Roles tab could cause CaseView to stop responding.

  • Fixed an issue that caused work programs to close unexpectedly.