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Known issues

The following known issues affect the current version of Working Papers and related products.

Working Papers

  • Working Papers stops responding when adding a PPC document to the Document Manager if an existing document shares the same file name. The PPC document is added as a URL to the file location instead.

  • Exporting documents to Batch PDF and then attempting to view the resultant PDF in the internal viewer may cause Working Papers to stop responding.

  • Importing ProSystem fx Engagement data into Working Papers may incorrectly include miscellaneous transaction information in the imported account balances.

  • Importing duplicate ASCII file data into Working Papers may cause Working Papers to stop responding.

  • Entering an invalid URL in the embedded browser may cause Working Papers to stop responding.


Cloud integration

  • When Working Papers is integrated with a Cloud site, you cannot drag and drop documents from a different Cloud site into the Document Manager.

    Workaround: Drag the document to your desktop first, then drag it into the Document Manager.

  • Changing the entity of a Cloud-integrated file then immediately publishing it to Cloud causes the Publish to Server dialog to incorrectly display the previous entity rather than the new one.

    Workaround: Restart Working Papers after changing the entity.

Data Store Administration Tool

  • Importing users and groups into the Data Store Administration Tool incorrectly ignores duplicate records, instead of providing an option to replace them.