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What's new - Working Papers 2021: Update 1

The following describes the features and fixes included in Working Papers 2021: Update 1 and related products.


Cloud integration

  • To prevent the duplication of next year files, a warning now displays when performing a year end close on a file that has already had its next year file published to Cloud.
  • To prevent Contact 1 and 2 information from changing in a file after Cloud integration, Cloud contacts can now be selected directly in the file's Engagement Properties in Working Papers.
  • Signed query documents now retain e-signature metadata when downloaded to the Document Manager using the Receive function. Documents containing e-signature data display an information icon () and hovering over the document name displays a summary of the signature. To download the e-signature log, right-click the document and select Export Signature Log.
  • Using the Receive function to download query documents to the Document Manager now includes the option to receive all new query documents, including those that have not been associated with a particular document using an AuthorID.

IDEA integration

  • Imported IDEA database files now use an updated IDEA icon in the Document Manager.
  • Imported external documents now use icons relative to their file type in the Document Manager rather than a generic IDEA icon.


  • Import opening balances from version 3.X Auditfile XML files by selecting Import opening balances in the import dialog.


Automatic documents

  • Fixed an issue where document graphs would display a negative net income if no other document content was being displayed.


  • Fixed an issue where the Print Preview dialog would jump to the first page of a document after failing to merge pages.

Cloud integration

  • Fixed an issue that caused an integrated file's lockdown date to display incorrectly in Cloud.
  • Fixed an issue where performing a year end close on a published and locked down file would not automatically publish the next year file.
  • Fixed an issue where the confirmation dialog for unlinking a query file would display a miscellaneous identifier rather than the query name.
  • Fixed an issue where renaming a compressed file would prevent users from performing various actions, such as file conversion and clearing synchronization information.


  • Fixed an issue where importing current period trial balance data from an ASCII file would erroneously modify the prior period balances.
  • Fixed an issue that caused general ledger data from Acomba to import with incorrect transaction dates.


  • Fixed an issue where after copying CaseView documents into a SmartSync file using the Copy Components function, the files would display a sync conflict icon in the Document Manager with no apparent resolution.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting CaseView documents that own CaseView database records from a sync copy, would only delete the document but not the database records in the parent file.