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About roles

Use roles to electronically sign off documents in a Working Papers file. Roles are useful when there are several collaborators in the file and engagement progression is dependent on role sign offs.

  • A role represents a work responsibility that is assigned to a specific staff member for completion. When the staff member completes the work, they can sign off for this role in the document. Roles can include dependencies which specify the order in which staff must sign off the document before it is completed.
  • A role set is a set of custom roles that you can use for sign off throughout a file or on a per document basis.

The default roles in a file are Prepared by and Reviewed by. You can use these roles for simple review processes where one group of staff members is responsible for preparing documents in the file and another group is responsible for reviewing their work.

A diagram of the workflow between a preparer and reviewer of a Working Papers file or document

You can then track engagement progress as these roles are signed off on documents across the Working Papers file. When an engagement team member finishes their work in a document, they can sign off their designated role to indicate that their role's part of the work is complete.