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Reverse a sign off

If a document has been incorrectly signed off, a warning icon (A warning icon represented as a yellow triangle with an exclamation point inside) displays to indicate that you must sign off in the correct order of the role set's dependencies. You can clear this warning by reversing the offending sign off.


  • If the file is protected and you are not assigned to the document, you must have the Sign off document without being assigned to document group right.
  • If you're working in a sync copy, ensure you are online and synchronizing with the parent file.
  • The incorrect sign off warning does not display in locked down files. You must unlock the file to see which documents contain an incorrect sign off.

To reverse a document sign off:

  1. On the Document Manager, right-click the document where the warning displays.
  2. At the bottom of the Context menu, deselect the offending sign off (marked with A dot icon that displays when a sign off is selected)

The incorrect sign off is reversed.