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Mapping / Grouping Balances worksheet

View the current and prior year adjusting entry amounts for each map and group number. To access the worksheet, on the ribbon, click Account | Mapping/Grouping Balances.

Note: Calculated map numbers are not included in the totals.

Column Description
Entity Select the entity where the map/group number belongs. This column only displays in consolidated files.
Number Displays the map or group number assigned in the Mapping database or Grouping database.
Name Displays the name of the map/group number.
Total before Map Adj

Displays the final balance of the map/group number including consolidated balances and adjustments, but not including adjustments made directly to the map/group number.

As map/group numbers contain amounts posted to the accounts assigned to them, adjusting entries made through the chart of accounts Trial Balance are included.

Map Adjustments

Displays the adjusting entries made directly to a map/group number without going through the chart of accounts.

Double-click a map/group number in this column to see adjustment detail.

Final Displays the final adjusted balance for the map/group number.
Prior Year 1-4

Displays the prior balance for each map/group number (for up to the last 4 years).

Budget Year 1-5

Displays the budget balance for each map/group number (for up to the next 5 years).

Forecast Year 1-5

Displays the forecast balance for each map/group number (for up to the next 5 years).