PDFs look blurry in the Working Papers internal image viewer

Published: July 18, 2019

Affected version(s): Working Papers, All versions


Since upgrading Working Papers, PDFs look blurry when opened in the Working Papers internal image viewer. However, they are clear when viewed in an external viewer (such as Adobe Reader).


The Amyuni image viewer used by Working Papers does not function correctly in Windows 7 environments.

To restore PDF quality in the internal image viewer:

  1. Close all instances of Working Papers.
  2. Navigate to the Working Papers installation folder on your workstation (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Caseware).
  3. Locate and open the file labeled CV.VER. If you receive a prompt to choose an application to open the file, select Notepad.
  4. On the bottom line of the CV.VER file, add the text ScreenRenderer=0. Save and close the file.

PDFs now display clearly in the internal image viewer.