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Perform Maintenance

By performing maintenance on a file, you can clear out unused accounts and user setting information.

To perform maintenance on a Working Papers file:

  1. In Working Papers, open the file where you want to perform maintenance.
  2. From the ribbon, click Tools | Maintenance. The Maintenance Wizard displays.
  3. Select the maintenance routines that you want to perform.

    Routine Description
    Remove All Unused Accounts

    Removes all accounts that have no opening balance, no activity, no current or prior balances, no budget or forecast numbers, and no transactions or adjusting entries.

    Manage Document Links

    Deletes files found in the client directory, but not in the Document Manager, and/or copy externally-linked documents into the client directory. All .doc, .xls, .pdf, .txt, .tiff, .ppt, .jpg, and .mdb files found in the client directory are displayed and can be deleted.

    Push To Cloud Pushes the engagement data of the current file to its entity on Caseware Cloud.
    Delete Milestones

    Deletes all milestones from the specified categories. Deleting milestones can greatly reduce file size.

    Note: You must have the Delete milestones group right to perform this action.

    Abandon Synchronized Copies

    Abandons any outstanding synchronized copies of the file.

    Outstanding synchronized copies may be offline or irretrievable. By abandoning them, these copies can no longer connect to the parent copy or synchronize new changes.

    Refresh Product List

    Checks for the availability of new products. This can be used to expedite the standard wait time after licensing a new product.

    Note: We do not recommend selecting this option if you are not expecting any new products.

    Undo Sign Outs

    Clears the Sign Out information for the file.

    See Undo a Sign Out for more information.

    Undo Check Outs

    Clears the Check Out information for selected items, particular users, or the entire file.

    See Undo a Check Out for more information.

    Click Next.

  4. If applicable, specify the documents, milestones, sync copies, sign outs, or check outs to modify. Click Next.
  5. An overview of the tasks to perform is displayed. To proceed, click Finish.

Maintenance is completed on the Working Papers file.