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Resolve synchronization conflicts

With SmartSync, multiple users can collaborate on the same Working Papers file simultaneously. However, there are some instances where changes made by two users conflict, causing synchronization conflicts in the file.

Many of these conflicts are resolved automatically, such as duplication conflicts like the numbering of adjusting entries, where the latter entry is simply renumbered to the next available number. However, there are also file change conflicts that require manual correction, such as simultaneous changes to external documents since external documents are synchronized entirely rather than incrementally.

To resolve file change conflicts:

  1. Open your sync copy where the conflicts occur.
  2. On the ribbon, click SmartSync | Show Conflicts. The Synchronization Conflicts dialog displays.
  3. Select the version of the document that you want to retain.
  4. Set is as the current version, then click Confirm.

The file change conflict is resolved.

Note: External documents with conflicting versions display a warning flag over the document icon in Document Manager. Opening the document displays the Multiple Versions dialog where you can resolve the conflict, or click Continue to launch the current version of the external document.