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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

"Is Working Papers offered in 32-bit?"

The current versions of Working Papers are available exclusively in 64-bit. 32-bit versions are no longer supported.

"Where is the installation file?"

The installation file is available for download on MyCaseware. Note that you must have License Administrator privileges to access software downloads.

"How do I transfer my Working Papers license to a different workstation?"

You must revoke your license or uninstall Working Papers, then you can register the installation on a replacement workstation.

"How do I revoke a license?"

On your workstation with the active license, open Working Papers and click File | Revoke License. Complete the License Revocation Wizard to revoke the active license.

"Can I directly upgrade from an older version of Working Papers to the latest version? And, if I do, will my files convert?"

Yes, you can upgrade to the latest version without installing the versions in between. When converting your files, Caseware can only guarantee a successful conversion between subsequent versions. It is possible to directly convert older files to the latest version, but we would encourage you to create a backup before attempting to do so.