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Sharing Filters

Working Papers tracks two filter lists:

  • Personal Filters - lists filters you have created, the default filters, and shared custom filters.

    Note: The personal filter list may change when protection is turned on if your user ID changes.

  • Shared Filters - lists the default filters and shared custom filters.

  1. In the Document Manager, on the View tab, click Filter by.
  2. Select the Filter Manager.
  3. Select the personal filter to share.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Click Share.

    Note: If Share is disabled, the filter is already shared.

  6. Click OK.

The filter has been shared and appears on the Shared tab.

  • Select a filter on the Shared tab to include the filter in the Personal tab for all users.
  • Clicking Defaults on the Shared tab restores the filter list to its initial install state.
  • Clicking Defaults on the Personal tab changes the filter list to the contents of the Shared tab.

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