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Creating a PPC Content File

If you have PPC's E-Practice Aids installed, you can create a PPC Content file and store it in the client file folder. Once created, the file can be accessed by double-clicking its icon on the Document Manager.

When you add a PPC Content file a list of all installed PPC Templates pops up in a dialog allowing you to choose the ones you want to add. The PPC templates are Microsoft Excel or Word template files with formats .xlt and .dot, respectively.

  1. On the Home ribbon, click PPC | PPC Content | OK. The Add PPC Content dialog opens.
  2. Select the documents you want to add and click Add.

You have created a PPC content file.

  • When template files are added to the Document Manager as PPC content files, they are converted from template to document files. Excel files convert from *.xlt to *.xls.
  • The formulas in the original PPC files that link to PPC client profile information like client name and year-end date are converted to Connector formulas when they are copied over.
  • Modify PPC content files by opening them through the Document Manager.

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