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SmartSync Overview

Working on an engagement with a team of accountants can require additional planning and preparation. When preparing a trial balance or generating client reports with others, it can be essential for the group to work in unison and communicate updates to each other as they are made. This is necessary to reduce redundant work and eliminate wait times on shared files or documents. SmartSync can help facilitate collaboration, reporting updates on an engagement file to you in real-time, and resolve most user conflicts automatically.

SmartSync is a file synchronization system that can support several people working together on a Working Papers client file simultaneously. SmartSync enables a team to work independently on the entire client file while providing each online member with instant updates on work completed by other members.

Some of the advantages of using SmartSync for file synchronization are:

  • Only changes you make to the file are synchronized to other staff. This results in less bandwidth usage.
  • Changes can be shared in real time, automatically.
  • You can work offline. This lessens the dependence on bandwidth and enables you to work on a copy in the field where you may not have access to your network. The file information is shared the next time you are connected to the network.
  • Synchronize out in the field between engagement staff.
  • You can access the file and make changes more quickly because it is stored on your local computer.
  • SmartSync enables access to the entire file whereas other methods of file sharing require Sign Out and Check Out.