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Working with Template Client Files

Working Papers allows those firms who want to maintain a master template with customized settings or content to make firm-level changes to settings and options within the file. Once the template file has been configured to meet the firm's needs, it may be repackaged, distributed, and associated as a template file for each staff member's installation of Working Papers.

Working Papers also makes use of extensive version tracking for documents within the client file.

When you are editing a template that you have accessed using Tools | Templates, the Document Properties dialog includes a Template tab. The following fields are defined in this tab:

The Document Identifier can consist of any combination of up to 22 letters and numbers, and provides a way to reliably reference the document even if it is renumbered or renamed. The NUMTOTDID(docnum) and TDIDTONUM(id) functions also provide access to the Document Identifier.

Each document in a template-based client has a version number, which is used by the template update system to determine whether a template update includes available updates for this document. CaseView documents also have an additional content version for the content that they contain. If a template update contains a copy of this document with a version higher than the version listed in the document, the update is flagged by Working Papers, and the user can choose to update the document.

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