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Print in two columns

You can print documents with two columns rather than one to improve readability and overall design, for example, a balance sheet with assets on the left side and liabilities and equity on the right side. Two column printing provides a similar look to using a table, but is easier to move, format and align after it has been set up.

To print in two columns:

  1. Ensure you are working in Design Mode.
  2. On the ribbon, click File | Print | Page Setup.
  3. In the Scope group, select whether to apply the setting to the current page, this page forward or the whole document.
  4. In the 2 Column Printing group, select Enable 2 Columns.
  5. If required, increment the distance between each column in the Distance Between field. Click OK.

The specified area of the document displays in two columns.


  • You can adjust the column alignment using tab markers.
  • You can specify where to break content to the next column using a column break. To insert a column break, click Insert | Column Break or press Ctrl+Shift+Enter on your keyboard.